Application and Auditions

Closing date for applications has now passed, however, if you wish to still apply, your application will be treated as a late application. Apply online here.

Course Information

  • The fee for participation in the orchestra will be €200.
  • The course is non-residential. IAYO has rented a number of student apartments where participants can stay at a subsidised cost of €100 for the duration of the course.
  • IYBO will provide daytime meals to participants.
  • Extra-curricular activities may be arranged on some days after the course.
  • It is hoped to provide all string players with the loan of a period instrument for the duration of the course. If this is not possible, gut strings and Baroque bows will be provided.
  • Flute players will be provided with the use of a period instrument in advance of the course. Subject to budget, advance tuition on the specifics of playing the period instrument will be provided.
  • We hope to facilitate players of modern oboe and bassoon with period instruments although this is to be confirmed. However, if you are interested, we would very much like to hear from you.
  • Prior experience of historically informed performance practice is not a prerequisite for taking part in IYBO.

Application Information

  • The closing date for applications is Friday, 1 March 2019.
  • Application to IYBO is open to players of violin, viola, cello, double bass / violone, harpsichord, lute, theorbo, oboe, bassoon and flute.
  • Entry to the IYBO is by video submission and application form. Places will be offered on the basis of information provided in the application form, on video submissions and also, potentially, on communication with teachers.
  • Applications are by online form here.
  • The IYBO is open to instrumentalists between the ages of 18 and 24. Exceptional players outside the age-range may also be considered.
  • Players should have at least a grade 8 or equivalent playing standard.
  • The IYBO is open to players from the 32 counties of Ireland and those with Irish citizenship living or studying abroad. A small number of foreign / guest players may be invited to create balance and make links with orchestras, education programmes and teaching institutions internationally.


  • Auditions will be by submission of a video of two contrasting pieces.
  • Please play two contrasting movements in total, each by a different composer. One composer must be from the Baroque period. The other movement can be Baroque or Classical. Some examples of suggested repertoire are:
    – Unaccompanied Bach sonatas / partitas / suites
    – Solo Telemann Fantasias
    – Corelli Violin Sonata
    – Geminiani Cello Sonata
    – Mozart Violin Concerto
    – Telemann Viola Concerto
    – Biber, Schmelzer, Castello sonatas
  • If you wish to perform on a period instrument or with a period bow, please do so. However, it is recommended that you audition on the instrument you are most comfortable with. Prior experience of historically informed performance practice is not a prerequisite for taking part in IYBO.


Please note that it is the quality of playing that we are interested in rather than the quality of the recording. A video recorded on a smartphone or tablet will be good. Ideally, please submit your video as a link to an unlisted YouTube upload. However, if you have difficulty with uploading to YouTube, files of up to 2 gigabytes can be sent through WeTransfer without logging in to