Message from the Director


I am already looking forward to the IYBO Performance Course in July 2023! The course is packed full with fun and inspiring baroque dance sessions, engaging and stimulating rehearsals and relaxing Feldenkrais sessions. There is an intense amount of learning in just a few days and the level of improvement from the first day to the two concerts at the end of the week is always quite amazing. Each year the orchestra is formed anew and each year the standard gets even higher. Everyone performs on period instruments, which are provided if needed.

In September 2022 IYBO gave a concert at Varazdin Baroque Evenings, Croatia. The concert, complete with baroque dancers, was a huge success and IYBO was awarded the Ivan Werner Award for its performance. I am very proud of what the IYBO 2022 musicians achieved last year and I am really looking forward to meeting and working with the musicians who will form IYBO 2023.
In July 2023 we will also be offering a short online weekend course which serves as an introduction to historically informed performance. Anyone interested in learning more about performing baroque music is very welcome.

Claire Duff
Irish Youth Baroque Orchestra